From September 21st 2019 until March 18th 2020 I lived in North Macedonia with Peace Corps. The last three months I lived in a village of about 200 people. I didn’t know anyone there before I moved, and I couldn’t speak Macedonian well. Many things happened in those three months, one of which is that I thought of some quotes. Here they are:

Does the world need to accept you? Or do you need to accept the world?

If you’re always arguing with what is, you will always argue with what is.

Realize when you desire more, what you have…

On Not Knowing

Not knowing…most people fear this phenomena, even though its the first phenomena that greets us at every turn of our lives. If more of us (the collective humanity) could admit the fact that…to be honest we really don’t know that much, about anything, then things would improve at an incredibly rapid pace on this planet. Let me explain…

Think about it, honestly think about it, who here on this earth across all of human history has committed the most atrocities and done the most harm. Those that ‘know’. Those that know that their ideology or way of…

Kamber Lucas

How’s this all work?

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